Pocket has long been one of my essential apps, both on my phone and on my Mac. Everything I want to read I add to Pocket. Whenever I have a few moments to read and get inspired (like when I'm walking somewhere, on a bus/train/plane or waiting for someone) I turn to my Pocket app. This way I always have something interesting to read, while at the same time not interrupting my workflow when I first see an interesting link. I even use Pocket to select the articles I want to include in Startupletters (my weekly newsletter).

A couple months back I discovered Quibb, a social network for sharing and discussing interesting work related articles and blog posts with others in the "tech startup industry". It's a great source for inspiration, and a lot of the articles I include in Startupletters are now sourced from Quibb.

The only major drawback of Quibb for me right now is the friction I experience when adding content to Pocket and if I want to share what I read in Pocket to Quibb. Currently I'm mostly using Quibb passively, only adding content from Quibb to my reading list in Pocket, but not contributing much with new content or in discussions.

So in short, three things should be easier when using Quibb with Pocket. (1) It should be easier to add content from Quibb to Pocket. (2) It should be easier to add content to Quibb from Pocket. (3) It should be easier to view and participate in discussions on Quibb for the articles you read.

Here are suggested solutions, one of which you can implement yourself right now.

(1) Adding content to Pocket from Quibb

There should be a one-click solution (or at least close) for adding content you find on Quibb (or in the daily digest email) to Pocket. Currently you have to (1) click the title of the post, (2) wait for the discussion page for that post on Quibb load, (3) click the title of the post one more time which this time, (4) wait while the article embedded in an iframe (with links to comment on the article on Quibb or share it to Twitter) loads, (5) click the button to remove the frame, (6) wait for the article (without the iframe) to load again, and (7) finally clicking the Pocket extension button to add the article to Pocket. If the title of the post would link directly to the article instead you would be able to add the link directly into Pocket in the first step.

If nothing else this could be an optional setting.

(2) Adding content to Quibb from Pocket (working hack provided!)

Currently you have to open the article you have been reading in Pocket in your browser and then add it to Quibb using the Chrome extension. This is usually too much friction for me to take the time to share much on Quibb. However, since I really want to become a more active member of the Quibb community I took the time to figure out a workaround:

First, log into IFTTT (or sign up for an account). Second, set up my IFTTT recipe using as the "To address". This will submit all articles you favorite in Pocket (by clicking the star, on any platform) to Quibb via your Gmail account. If you prefer not to add everything you favorite to Quibb you can change the setting so that the articles you tag with "Quibb" in Pocket is submitted instead.

(3) Participate in discussions on Quibb for the articles you're reading 

I really like Ryan Hoover's idea for how the Quibb extension should be improved. In short he argues that it should be "lighting up" if the article you're reading has been added to Quibb and allow you to partake in the discussion straight from the plugin. See his mockup:


In addition, I think it would be technically possible to at least make the plugin compatible with the web app of Pocket. I guess the desktop and iOS app would be difficult, but with the addition of a Quibb app for Android it should be possible also on that platform.

A final note

I do of course understand that these future requests probably do not belong at the top of Sandi's todo-list when she continues to improve Quibb. However I hope that they will make it on the list at least :)

PS! You can comment on this post on Quibb or Hacker News.