iPhone 6 (4.7”): Hardware: Too little, too late. Software: Meh. Available September 19 (in the US and a few other countries).

iPhone 6 Plus (5.5”): Hardware: Too little, too late. Software: Meh. Available September 19 (in the US and a few other countries).

iOS 8: Still a massive meh.

Apple Pay: A small meh. Only available on the new iPhone models. No real benefit over Google Wallet and the likes. Will probably help grow the contactless payment ecosystem, so a good thing for all of us.

Apple Watch: An innovation of UI that pretty much only Apple can do, especially the digital crown and taptic feedback. Hardware looks good (but unsure if I like it better than Moto 360). Finally some smart watch models that appeal to women. Software otherwise, pretty meh. Available early 2015.

Live stream (aka #livegate or #applefail): VHS quality video stream with annoying Chinese voice over. No kidding.

Edit: The above statements are just my personal reaction to what was presented at today’s keynote. A “meh” doesn’t mean I don’t think a product will do immensely well, and that it is a fine piece of engineering. What it does mean is that for me, personally, it’s far from enough to consider switching back to an iPhone. Some people does not seem to get that. I’m a product geek that enjoy freedom, and sometimes I find Apple’s otherwise utopic walled garden a little bit too claustrophobic. That’s just how I feel, so deal with it.