Except from where he says statistics (rather than examples), I agree with the message this video is trying to convey. Although I'm still at University myself, at least I know why. For me, getting to know inspiring people and learn from them is much more important than cramming for "meaningless" tests and exams, hoping for straight As. I've had some truly amazing professors during my years as a student, but the people that have taught me the most is my peers.

If you want to change the world, the box that most schools operate within is simply not big enough. I'm not in school to learn facts I can look up with Google in a matter of seconds. I'm in school to develop myself. And most of the time that self development takes place anywhere but the library or lecture hall.

Don't get me wrong; University will occasionally give you some useful inputs and help you develop certain skills. But at least for me, spending 5 years where that's my main focus in life is a waste of time. If I had the choice between getting straight As by seeing the inside of a library most of the day or to get mostly Bs and Cs plus some real life experiences to boot, there's no doubt in my mind what I would choose.

But wait a minute, I did get that choice. And I chose the latter.