Wakeup Hero Feature Test: Hero Call »


At Wakeup Hero we’re big fans of the Lean Startup methodology. As a result we test our assumptions before building a finished product. One of our assumptions is that a personal wakeup call (dubbed the Hero Call), is a nice and effective way for our users to make sure they get out of bed when they have something important to do (such as an exam, a meeting, air travel, etc).

Now we are giving our faithful fans and followers an exclusive alpha preview of the feature. Just follow the link above and submit the short form to receive a Hero Call free of charge.

Currently we support landlines in 115 countries and mobile phones in 41 countries. View the full list of countries we support.

We're doing some testing with Wakeup Hero (a startup I've co-founded), and right now you can get free wakeup calls. Perfect for when you really need to get up on time.

Note: This test is currently finished, so don't order any wakeup calls through the link!