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Link: Watch the talks from Habit Summit for free

Watch the talks from Habit Summit for free » startupletters: With the thousands of apps and startups appearing every day, it is difficult to predict if a product will flop completely or become the next Snapchat. The one thing that successful products tend to do really well is creating habits. After some time you use them without even consciously deciding... Did you miss the Habit Summit this week? No worries, the talks are already online and available for free....

New Year, New Goals

2013 is finally here. And after a year with almost no exercice (due to a severe case of runner’s knee), unhealthy eating, and irregular sleeping habits, I’ve decided to get a better start in the new year. I just arrived back in Copenhagen yesterday, and today I dragged myself out of bed at 6.40 am (earlier than any day last semester), got my running gear on and tried my first guerrilla cardio training in years....