Cheaper international calls, Voice integration in Hangouts for Android

Over the last couple of days great things have happened for users of Google Voice. First, a couple days ago Google slashed their prices on a lot of international destinations. The countries I used to call the most, Denmark and Norway got slashed from 15 cents per minute to 3 and 4 cents per minute, respectively. That's for cell phones. Landlines was already 2 cents, but I mean, who uses landlines anymore?...

September 12, 2014

Video: Google Glass

Google Glass video was supposed to be here, but it seems to have escaped 😢 Just. Wow. I. Want. Google Glass. Now.

February 20, 2013

Viber vs WhatsApp - Battle of the best free phone apps! (Updated 2013)

Updated Feb 2013 (Reviewed the newest versions and added review of the iPhone apps). Update 2 (Feb 2014): As you probably know by now, Whatsapp got acquired by Facebook recently. Hopefully we will see some good things coming out of this deal, especially considering my concerns with Whatsapp and the lack of a single identity other than a phone number. And if you are interested in startups, consider signing up for Startup Letters....

July 20, 2011