The Nomad Shit List (WIP)

Life as a digital nomad is mostly great. But not all product and services are designed with nomads in mind. This page is mostly a place for me to vent my frustrations with companies, organizations and governments that are making life harder than it needs to be. And before anyone accuses me of wasting time on #firstworldproblems, let me just say you’re wrong. These are distinctly #nomadproblems. And the problem with #nomadproblems is that it’s difficult for the people designing the offending services to relate to them, as they likely stay in the same country most of the time....

July 30, 2015

Increasing User Engagement in Online Services

My Master’s Thesis is available to download: Increasing User Engagement in Online Services There are some long, messy, and frankly not very interesting appendices that are omitted from the publicly available thesis. If you really want access to those, fill out this request form. Thesis Abstract: Recent technological innovations in open source software and cloud computing have driven the cost of launching a software startup down to a fraction of what it was only few years ago....

March 23, 2015

Contact Thomas

The best way of contacting me is through the Nomad Gate community. If you’re logged in, you can send me a private message. It’s free to join. You can also try me via Twitter, but usually I don’t see those messages for several weeks or months. If you want to send me an encrypted message, you’ll find my public key on Keybase.