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Cheaper international calls, Voice integration in Hangouts for Android

Over the last couple of days great things have happened for users of Google Voice. First, a couple days ago Google slashed their prices on a lot of international destinations. The countries I used to call the most, Denmark and Norway got slashed from 15 cents per minute to 3 and 4 cents per minute, respectively. That’s for cell phones. Landlines was already 2 cents, but I mean, who uses landlines anymore?...

The Moto 360 is finally here, and here's an honest review

I have been waiting for the Moto 360 ever since I saw the first few teaser photos online a few months ago. I have even actively been searching Google News every other week or so to see if I missed anything. And now it’s finally here. It’s the first smartwatch that doesn’t look as ugly as an average looking blobfish. No offence, blobfish. 9 am PST, September 5, 2014....