Link: What you did not know about Rapportive

What you did not know about Rapportive » startuplettersblog: I hope most of you already use Rapportive for your Gmail or Google Apps account. If not, go get it now! So what is Rapportive anyway? Basically it is a free plugin for Chrome (and Safari, Firefox ++) that removes the ads on the right hand side in Gmail and replaces them with useful... Okay, so you are probably already using Rapportive on a daily basis....

February 4, 2014

How to check how full your flight is - for free

Travel agents or others that pay for access can easily see how many available seats are left in a given fare class for a given flight. There can be a number of reasons for why you would do this, for example if you want to see if it may be possible to sweet talk yourself into an upgrade at the gate or just see if you should hurry up and book before the flight is full....

January 16, 2014

Get Goodreads on Your Kindle Paperwhite Today

Amazon recently announced that the promised Goodreads integration for Kindle Paperwhite was ready. However, they have only slowly been rolling it out "over the air". Dislike waiting? Get it now! Head over to Amazon's software update page for the 2nd gen Paperwhite and download the 5.4.2 update. Connect your Kindle Paperwhite to your Mac or Windows computer (it will show up as an external disk in Finder/Explorer) and drag and drop the update_kindle_5....

December 21, 2013

Welcome to Hacks & How-to

I will collect all of the hacks and howto guides I make in one central place. Here!

November 14, 2013